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Optimally tuned moisturizing complex for your face


Moisture is one of the most important elemental components for the skin. The male body consists of 60% water and thus up to 5-8% more than a woman. Water, or rather moisture, is therefore a very important criterion. Among other ingredients, corn starch, glycerin, urea, trehalose and hyaluronic acid combine to create the perfect moisturizing complex for the male face. The chosen composition was very carefully dosed, as glycerin and urea are responsible for moisturizing the deeper layers of the skin. The corn starch ensures the correct dosage and retardation. This means the release of the active ingredients is delayed and delivered in fine doses. Simply put, the skin is not overloaded with nutrients and this makes itself felt with a silky and matte appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is mostly known from anti-aging care and is mainly used for skin tightening. It stores there in so-called moisture depots the water, which creates tension and is responsible for a firm skin. The depots make the skin more resistant to external influences, UV rays and prevent inflammation and impurities. The active ingredient trehalose additionally protects the skin with a kind of protective film on the cell surface and strengthens your cornea and conjunctiva. So the face cream is not only for the older generation, but also for the younger generation, for a long-lasting youthful complexion!

Naturally, our face cream cares incredibly well


The combination between sunflower, almond and apricot kernel oil is particularly well received for the face. The natural tocopherol contained also has an anti-inflammatory effect and ensures that the cream can be absorbed very well and quickly. The skin tissue also benefits by being strengthened from the inside, making the skin look much firmer. Apricot kernel oil moisturizes your upper skin layer, which is optimal for direct use on flaky and rough skin. In addition, it has fat dissolving properties, which is used against oily skin, and actively helps against blackheads.


beard oil

Rich care:

The superior care combination of argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and hemp seed oil makes the beard softer than ever. They provide the beard hair and the skin underneath with plenty of moisture, vitamins and minerals. The beard hair is strengthened from the inside and gains strength and firmness.

Kept look:


We process only natural oils, these can be particularly well absorbed and processed by the skin and hair. They are quickly absorbed and leave a light non-oily shine in the beard. With our beard oil Protect you make your beard the winner in every situation. Whether on a date, in the office or on the street, a well-groomed beautiful beard attracts his gaze. Caution. You will have one or the other request whether one may touch your well-groomed beard times! 


3-6 drops a day are completely sufficient for an optimal care effect. There are exactly 872 drops in our bottle. So with 5 drops a day you have easy 5 months of fun with our beard oil. We use a pipette that you can easily control the dosage us safely.




The scent is always a very important and crucial aspect of a cream, even if you will not notice much of it on your head itself. But even when you apply it, you still want to have a pleasant smell in your little nose. As always, the slightly fresh yet masculine scent fits in with the rest of our portfolio, but smells a little different. If you've ever used a sunscreen, you'll notice that the Bald Cream is subtly reminiscent of it. This is due to the sunscreen factor, which brings a familiar and nice own fragrance. This is rather in the background and with our typical massive smell goes an extra portion of freshness, which reminds of a vacation day at the beach. But to find out exactly, you should best convince yourself!


You can find the ingredients and more info HERE on the Face Cream product page.

Everything further to the beard oil you can find HIER on the product page to the Protect.

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What makes GØLD's special?

Local production

We manufacture all our care products in Germany. It is important to us to work together with regional companies. Social commitment also plays an important role for us.

Magical scent

Masculine, seductive and mysterious. When your nose perceives our fragrance, these are the first impressions that immediately pop into your head. Women fly on it!

Gorgeous ingredients

Our ingredients are primarily selected for quality. Essential here is to combine the perfect selection for the man to achieve a sensational result.

This is us

"Our goal is to create sustainable high-quality care for the entire male world, which is simple and effective. A well-groomed appearance is not only always well received, you immediately feel much more comfortable in your own skin."

Barbershop brand no.1

Developed WITH THE best

Before you can buy a product from us, it is thoroughly tested and optimized by the best barbers in Germany. Get the professional products now in your bathroom!

Feedback on our products

I love this fragrance so much on my boyfriend and just do not get tired of him. Clear gift recommendation for the beloved! Especially because I can also use it. :)

Celine S.

The application is so easy and even with much hair, the products are very economical. Above all, you notice every day more the difference to cheap alternatives. Very nice people!

Mustafa M.

you should definitely have a look at it...