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Don't leave any more stubble! A new study shows that topless men appear more dominant, masculine and self-confident to people. So you have no reason to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. 

1. UV protection 

Your head is exposed to environmental influences more than any other part of the body. In addition to headgear, you should always wear UV protection on your head. The time of year is irrelevant here, as UV radiation shines through even the thickest clouds. Without UV protection, your scalp ages faster and you are at an increased risk of skin cancer. 

2. Prevent skin irritation 

You shave your bald head regularly and this exposes your scalp to constant irritation. In the neck area in particular, unsightly inflammation and itchy skin can develop. The GØLD‘s balding cream gives you a finer complexion and has an active anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, regeneration and wound healing are promoted.

3. Care of the scalp

In addition to a perfectly balanced moisture complex, our balding cream pampers you with many natural ingredients to store moisture in the long term and prevent flaky, dry baldness. The ingredients also fight deep-seated impurities, which in many cases are responsible for inflammation. 

4. Fine and dull complexion

After using the Bald Cream, your scalp is nice and matt and makes the annoying shine disappear. In addition, the cream gives your bald head an even and fine-pored complexion, which makes you look even better. 



Nature and the environment should be important to us all, so we try to avoid as much plastic as possible. That is why we have given our SOON CREAM a beautiful glass bottle. This is very handy and the removal is hygienic, as you only come into contact with the required amount. However, every type of packaging has advantages and disadvantages. So that you can take the last drop of cream out of the jar, you just have to turn the bottle around according to the ketchup principle after the pumper no longer dispenses cream. The cream then moves to the bottle opening overnight. Turn off the pumper and remove the rest of the cream. 


It is best to apply the balding cream immediately after cleaning. We recommend using a mild shampoo or natural soap for cleaning. With the help of the dispenser, take 2 to a maximum of 3 pumps and distribute them evenly on your scalp. Massage your head with circular pressure movements for a comfortable and calming result.



The scent is always a very important and decisive aspect of a cream, even if you will not notice much of it on your own head. But when you apply it, you want to have a pleasant smell in your nose. As always, the slightly fresh, yet masculine fragrance adapts to our rest of the portfolio, but smells a little different. Anyone who has ever used sunscreen will notice that the bald cream is a subtle reminder. This is due to the sun protection factor, which brings a well-known and nice scent with it. This is more in the background and with our typical massive smell, an extra portion of freshness takes precedence, which is reminiscent of a vacation day on the beach. But to find out exactly, you should convince yourself of it!

You can find the ingredients HERE on the Bald Cream product page.



The 99 gram safety razor by GØLD's made of solid stainless steel with a black heat and impact-resistant alloy is a piece for eternity!
In contrast to a conventional razor, the safety razor is also known as a safety razor. Since the razor blade only protrudes a little, you can shave precisely and minimize the risk of major cuts.


The handle of GØLD's safety razor is finely grooved so that it is stable in the hand and cannot slip. The razor blade is perfectly locked in the comb by means of a screw mechanism. Once you've got the hang of it, you can quickly shave all the places on your body where you don't think there should be any hair.


The safety razor works entirely without plastic waste. Once bought, you can use this piece of jewelry for a very long time. You can insert sharp and inexpensive Astra blades into the plane, which you can get pretty much anywhere. (Also HERE in our shop)

Last but not least: Your safety razor is delivered in a noble leather case so that it can accompany you on all trips.

• Safety razor for wet shaving in elegant matt black
• With a closed comb
• Black alloy metal handle
• With screw head
• Comes with a blade
• High quality leather case for safe transport
• Handle length: 8.5cm

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What makes GØLD's special?

Local production

We manufacture all our care products in Germany. It is important to us to work together with regional companies. Social commitment also plays an important role for us.

Magical scent

Masculine, seductive and mysterious. When your nose perceives our fragrance, these are the first impressions that immediately pop into your head. Women fly on it!

Gorgeous ingredients

Our ingredients are primarily selected for quality. Essential here is to combine the perfect selection for the man to achieve a sensational result.

This is us

"Our goal is to create sustainable high-quality care for the entire male world, which is simple and effective. A well-groomed appearance is not only always well received, you immediately feel much more comfortable in your own skin."

Barbershop brand no.1

Developed WITH THE best

Before you can buy a product from us, it is thoroughly tested and optimized by the best barbers in Germany. Get the professional products now in your bathroom!

Feedback on our products

I love this fragrance so much on my boyfriend and just do not get tired of him. Clear gift recommendation for the beloved! Especially because I can also use it. :)

Celine S.

The application is so easy and even with much hair, the products are very economical. Above all, you notice every day more the difference to cheap alternatives. Very nice people!

Mustafa M.

you should definitely have a look at it...