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DEAL 3 "Full beard care, clean & style" set || beard oil, beard soap, beard styling & beard brush

DEAL 3 "Full beard care, clean & style" set || beard oil, beard soap, beard styling & beard brush

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Perfect for all seasoned beard wearers and those who still want to be!


This beard care set is suitable for all men who have decided to grow a beard or already wear a magnificent full beard under the nose. In the set is everything included to make your beard happy from A to Z. Pore-deep cleaning, moisturizing care to the accurate and well-groomed beard style and that this also remains in shape.


The massive beard oil


The scope of supply of this beard care set includes our beard care oil "Protect", which protects the drying out of your skin under your budding beard splendor. The beard oil provides your skin and the beard hair with important nutrients that prevent drying out and significantly relieve the itching when growing beard. You will also notice visually that your beard looks much healthier and becomes softer.

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What can GØLD ́s beard soap do?

  • Applicable to your beard and your entire body
  • .
  • A superfatting with argan oil nourishes even while washing and makes your beard soft as rabbit fur
  • .
  • The blend of saponified olive oil, coconut oil and babassu oil lets you effectively detangle your beard hair while washing
  • .
  • Our secret weapon hemp seed oil soothes skin irritations and has an antiseptic effect
  • .
  • Added clay sucks dirt out of your beard and skin pores like a little vacuum cleaner
  • .
  • Our formula creates a denser, finer-pored and firmer lather that carries active ingredients to every crevice
  • .
  • The extremely dense foam is also suitable for shaving at the same time, thanks to the unique oil composition, and allows any blade to glide cleanly and comfortably over your skin
  • .
  • All ingredients are natural-based and the oils are certified organic
  • .
  • When lathered, the wonderful and already familiar Massiv fragrance is created: sweet, tart yet refreshing
  • .

Beard Control for your beard style


The secret of Beard Control lies in the fact that we use ingredients that become solid when exposed to air and gently bring even the most unruly shag to line. And we do it without making your beard lose its smoothness. Keep in mind, though, that Beard Control does not condition. You should continue to use beard oil before using it to adequately nourish your mane.


For perfect application, spread one to three puffers (only you know how massive your beard is) well into your hands. Spread the Beard Control Jelly evenly into your beard and shape it into the desired shape, preferably with our folding beard comb.


The handy beard brush


The also included beard brush is equipped with boar bristles, which are slightly harder than conventional hair brushes. Thus you stimulate the blood circulation when durchbürsten your beard optimally. This brings the advantage that your roots are strengthened by the beard hair and the beard growth is stimulated. Dead skin scales can be brushed out with the beard brush excellent, which also contribute their part to the itching on the way to a full beard. 

With this set you are well equipped as a full beard beginner. For the beginning you need no more and no less. Have fun with it and let it grow!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Ich habe mir dieses Starter Set von Golds vor einem Monat bestellt. Eigentlich bewerte ich keine Produkte aber heute mache ich eine Ausnahme. Ich hatte mit meinem Vollbart immer wieder Probleme, entweder mit der Haut oder damit den Bart in form zu bekommen. Nach einem Monat mit diesen Produkten bin ich einfach nur begeistert. Die Seife riecht wunderbar und man merkt, wie sie den Bart und die Haut reinigt. Besonders jedoch hat mich die Kombination aus Bartöl und dem Control begeistert. Mein Bart war durch das Bartöl immer schön weich und das Control hat den Bart richtig in Form gebracht. Das coole, im Gegensatz zu einem Bartbalsam war das Control schnell eingezogen, hat den Bart nicht schwer gemacht und der Bart hat den ganzen Tag in Form und das trotz Maske! Wird sicherlich nicht meine letzte Bestellung gewesen sein. Danke Golds!


Das erste Bartöl, dass meine Freundin vom Geruch her überzeugt & gleichzeitig meinem Bart das gibt, was er braucht. Großartig wenn es um die Pflege meiner empfindlichen Haut geht, gerade jetzt, wo ich viel Maske tragen muss. Mir kommt kein anderes Bartöl mehr ins Haus!

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What makes GØLD's special?

Local production

We manufacture all our care products in Germany. It is important to us to work together with regional companies. Social commitment also plays an important role for us.

Magical scent

Masculine, seductive and mysterious. When your nose perceives our fragrance, these are the first impressions that immediately pop into your head. Women fly on it!

Gorgeous ingredients

Our ingredients are primarily selected for quality. Essential here is to combine the perfect selection for the man to achieve a sensational result.

This is us

"Our goal is to create sustainable high-quality care for the entire male world, which is simple and effective. A well-groomed appearance is not only always well received, you immediately feel much more comfortable in your own skin."

Barbershop brand no.1

Developed WITH THE best

Before you can buy a product from us, it is thoroughly tested and optimized by the best barbers in Germany. Get the professional products now in your bathroom!

Feedback on our products

I love this fragrance so much on my boyfriend and just do not get tired of him. Clear gift recommendation for the beloved! Especially because I can also use it. :)

Celine S.

The application is so easy and even with much hair, the products are very economical. Above all, you notice every day more the difference to cheap alternatives. Very nice people!

Mustafa M.

you should definitely have a look at it...