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Full Beard Care & Styling Set | Beard Oil, Beard Balm & Soap by GØLD's

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Beard care oil, beard balm and beard soap, our beard care set for all full beards!

May we introduce, your three new favorite products for a well-groomed, clean and perfectly shaped full beard.

Every beard wearer can sing a song about the following problems. From a certain beard length, the beard begins to itch and flakes in the worst case. The food residues in the beard hair do not come off properly and the beard does not smell good. On some days, the beloved full beard stands out in all directions. We want to help you with these everyday problems with our products.

How to get your beard itch and dandruff under control!

Even in the growth phase it can come to an itchy beard, that is mainly because the skin under the beard dries out strongly and urgently needs moisture and care. With our beard oil Protect you specifically care for your facial skin under the beard and provide it with moisture and all important nutrients.


Bad Beard Days are a thing of the past, we promise!

A pea-sized amount of our beard balm is all you need to keep your beard in shape all day and make your beard hair beautifully soft. Nourishing oils and shea butter provide the beard with important nutrients and let your beard hair shine in full health. The best side effect is that your beard will become so beautifully soft that even your girlfriend won't be able to tell it's poking her in the face. The processed beeswax gently wraps around your beard hair, helping to shape your beard.

Application Tip: Our Beard Balm Form is very rich and firm in consistency. Scrape out a pea-sized portion with your fingernail. Then rub the beard balm in your palms until it has become completely liquid. Work the balm evenly into your beard. Grab a hair dryer and a brush or comb of your choice. Set the blow dryer to medium heat and blow dry your beard. Meanwhile, comb or brush your beard into the right shape.

Cleanse your pores thanks to GØLD`s Beard & Body Soap


You've been out all day. Have possibly eaten a kebab, smoked cigarettes and the beer foam has also landed in the mustache? Then it's high time for a shower. We process in our beard soap clay, which cleans your beard and your skin to the last pore. With the thoughtful composition of our beard soap from nourishing oils, your beard will remain nice and soft despite beard washing. To use: Rinse your beard with warm water. Take the GØLD's beard soap Clean and stroke twice per cheek over your beard hair. Put the soap aside and lather up your beard nicely. You will suddenly have a lot of foam in your hands, which you can now use to soap up the rest of your body. After your shower, store your soap in a dry area. Preferably on a soap dish like our own, so the water can drain away and your beard soap dries well. 

You're probably thinking to yourself now, this is exactly the combination of products for grooming and styling I was looking for? The highlight comes at the end and that is the smell of our products. Our products from the Massiv line smell subtly masculine hay, oriental herbs and lime. Believe us one thing, it will please not only you, but also your sweetheart.

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What makes GØLD's special?

Local production

We manufacture all our care products in Germany. It is important to us to work together with regional companies. Social commitment also plays an important role for us.

Magical scent

Masculine, seductive and mysterious. When your nose perceives our fragrance, these are the first impressions that immediately pop into your head. Women fly on it!

Gorgeous ingredients

Our ingredients are primarily selected for quality. Essential here is to combine the perfect selection for the man to achieve a sensational result.

This is us

"Our goal is to create sustainable high-quality care for the entire male world, which is simple and effective. A well-groomed appearance is not only always well received, you immediately feel much more comfortable in your own skin."

Barbershop brand no.1

Developed WITH THE best

Before you can buy a product from us, it is thoroughly tested and optimized by the best barbers in Germany. Get the professional products now in your bathroom!

Feedback on our products

I love this fragrance so much on my boyfriend and just do not get tired of him. Clear gift recommendation for the beloved! Especially because I can also use it. :)

Celine S.

The application is so easy and even with much hair, the products are very economical. Above all, you notice every day more the difference to cheap alternatives. Very nice people!

Mustafa M.

you should definitely have a look at it...